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When you experience a sudden physical injury, there are plenty of urgent care facilities with flexible hours of operation to help put you back in healthy shape. But what are you supposed to do when you knock out a tooth or are in severe tooth pain? Emergency rooms and urgent care practices aren’t ideal places for dental treatment, but Solano Dental Group is here to help with emergency dental services in Fairfield, CA.

We Treat Your Dental Emergency

If you are in pain as a result of oral trauma or have an oral health issue that suddenly started causing you discomfort, Dr. Chen and his team help get you out of pain and provide the customized care you need for a healthy smile. Dr. Chen treats dental emergencies that include:

Patient using phone for dental emergency

  Severely Damaged Teeth  / Tooth Infection – If you have a decayed tooth that has become painful, our doctors can perform an emergency root canal to save the tooth, or will extract it (when necessary) and place a dental implant to restore the lost tooth – all at the same appointment

  Cracked Teeth – It’s easy to crack a tooth by accident and just as easy for our doctors to restore your tooth’s natural strength and healthy appearance.  Solano Dental Group treats both adults and children for this common dental emergency.

  Gum Disease – Bleeding, painful, or puffy gums should be treated as a dental emergency. Dr. Chen is certified in laser dentistry and can comfortably help improve the health of your gums with a dental laser. Treating gum disease as quickly as possible saves your teeth and prevents future health issues. After your deep cleaning, our doctors apply an antibiotic solution to help continue to fight the bacteria that cause gum disease.

•  Abscess – Our doctors gently drain a dental abscess so you feel better almost immediately.  Once the abscess has been cleared, we create a treatment plan to help you deal with the oral health problem that caused the abscess in the first place.

•  Lost Filling Fillings occasionally fall out, depending on how you care for your teeth or how the filling was initially placed. If you have a filling that has fallen out of a previously-treated tooth, you can use a piece of sugar-free gum to temporarily replace the filling before your appointment. Our office offers mercury-free and natural-looking composite fillings to care for damaged teeth.

Same-Day Dental Appointments for Emergencies

Our doctors see you the same day as your dental emergency occurs and makes sure you feel better before you leave.  His Fairfield dental office is open late and even offers Saturday hours to accommodate patients in need of immediate care. When planning emergency treatment, we use an intraoral camera, so patients can see what he sees. Dr. Chen and his team make sure to go over the pros and cons of different materials and addresses all concerns before moving forward with treatment.

Get Care for your Dental Emergency

Your dental emergency can’t wait, so you shouldn’t have to either. Get same-day treatment for your emergency dental needs by contacting us at our Fairfield dental practice today! 


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