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 The dentists and staff of Solano Dental Group in Fairfield, CA provide comprehensive, long-lasting dental services for patients in Solano County. Dr. Frank Chen and Dr. Judy Su work closely with patients to establish treatment plans that cater to each unique case.

Committed to Quality Dental Care

Dr. Frank Chen graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering; however, he shifted careers to fulfill his passion for helping others by directly affects people’s lives through life-changing dental procedures.

Dr. Judy Su and Dr. Chen both graduated from the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry, each earning their Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. Since then, our Solano practice has served the Fairfield, CA, community for over 15 years with care that establishes healthier smiles and builds beautiful results through modern treatment approaches. 

Better Overall Health through Dentistry

Our Fairfield, CA, dentists make sure to discuss medical history with our patients, as we know that dental hygiene goes hand-in-hand to affect a person’s overall health. In the same scope, maintaining good dental health has proven to lower a person’s risk for serious illnesses, such as heart disease and respiratory infection. We encourage education for our patients, working closely with them to combat many preventable dental conditions, including gum disease and tooth loss, using excellent hygiene choices.

We are equipped with intra oral cameras to keep patients up-to-date regarding the state of their dental health and exactly what happens during each visit to our Fairfield, CA, dental office. Solano Dental Group is also eco-friendly with completely paperless and digital patient records and X-rays. 

Ensuring Comfortable, Efficient Care

Before your initial visit, we allow patients time to provide insurance information over the phone, which diminishes wait time before an appointment and ensure that all necessary medical information is in order before your appointment. Our operatories feature streaming Netflix entertainment; you can watch the show of your choice while having your smile treated, to make each visit as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. 

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To schedule an appointment with either Dr. Frank Chen or Dr. Judy Su, call our Fairfield, CA, office located in Solano Town Center. 


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