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Dental Implant Treatment in Fairfield

dental implant diagramSolano Dental Group in Fairfield offers state-of-the-art services for accurate and long-lasting placement of dental implants. Our dentists, Dr. Frank Chen and Dr. Judy Su, have specialized training in Implantology to provide you with treatment that utilizes the most modern technology available. Dental implants restore function and beauty that patients never thought possible, and they are changing the quality of people's lives. 

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Convenience, Beauty, and Health Provided by Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a convenience not found in traditional restorations. They do not require messy adhesives to stay in place, and they provide the strength of a natural tooth. Since implants are permanent, they are also easier to clean than bridges and dentures. Reaching around metal clasps to floss or nightly soakings of restorations are not necessary.    

Porcelain crowns are a beautiful restoration for missing teeth, and our patients can expect custom-crafting to ensure the right shade and shape. Drs. Chen and Su use premium, high-quality implants from Hiossen and Nobel Biocare with dazzling results. 

Implants are not just a cosmetic solution to tooth loss; they also maintain jaw bone health by providing a virtual replacement of the entire root and crown. When the jaw bone is not receiving the stimulus that tooth roots and chewing provide, it begins to atrophy; a condition called resorption. Bone loss can cause problems for other teeth, and it also can change a person's facial structure. 

Dental Implant PlacementHappy patient after receiving dental implants

Solano Dental Group takes a thorough examination of a patient’s oral health to ensure that they qualify for dental implants. We utilize a 3-D scan to determine if bone density issues are present and if grafting is necessary. 
After the examination, Drs. Chen and Su may use a 3-D scanner to guide the placement of implants, ensuring accurate results. Implants are comprised of titanium posts that are fully integrated into the jaw bone through a process called osseointegration. The posts are biocompatible with the bone. This procedure is no more painful than a tooth filling and is completed in one visit. 

After about three to four months, our dentists use a custom abutment to connect a beautiful porcelain restoration onto the implant. Dental implants can be used to replace one, several, or a full arch of teeth. No other restorative option can provide the full function of teeth, maintain jaw bone health, and give the natural beauty of smiles like dental implants. 

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