Children’s Dentistry in Fairfield

Solano Dental Group is an excellent provider of children’s dentistry. Our staff is friendly, patient, and sensitive to the anxieties of young patients. We prioritize comfort and safety and put forth every effort to soothe young patients. 
Our office is staffed by the experienced and compassionate team of Dr. Frank Chen and Dr. Judy Su, with associates Drs. Mel Quiba and Anita Kris. 

Services We Offer for Young Patients

At our Fairfield practice, we tailor each child’s experience based on their temperament and individual needs. Our dentists develop custom treatment plans that promote lasting dental health, which may include the following:

Fluoride Treatment
Cavity Detection and Care
Dietary Advice and Patient Education

Specialized Tools 

The dentists at Solano Dental Group use dental mouth pops to keep children comfortable during routine procedures. Dental mouth pops have adjustable dual functionality that gently positions the tongue to one side as it keeps the mouth open to a suitable degree. This encourages patients to relax; patient relaxation makes the process more tolerable for young patients. Our protective eyewear contributes to patient comfort and safety. All our patients, including children, are provided protective eyewear. This ensures their eyes stay safe during all procedures. Some children may feel more in control if they can safely watch their dentist work, and protective eyewear gives patients the shield they need. 

Sleep Apnea Prevention and ADHD

Dr. Chen specializes in sleep apnea. This condition can occur in children due to enlarged tonsils, small air passages, or a combination of these and other factors. 

Screening young patients for sleep apnea allows us to intervene in the development of complications.  For example, we can expand the airway using palate expanders. This allows your child to get the restful sleep they need to succeed.
It is speculated that some cases of ADHD are misdiagnosed, and the symptoms are caused by untreated sleep apnea. If children go a prolonged amount of time without restful sleep, they may become irritable, suffer from mood swings, and a lack of concentration. These conditions are also symptomatic of sleep apnea.

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Establishing positive dental experiences early on can contribute to a lifetime of upstanding oral health. We at Solano Dental Group take a gentle and educational approach, so your child is comfortable during their visit. Our staff has the patience and understanding necessary to treat small children. We serve Fairfield, Vallejo, and Vacaville, and look forward to hearing from you!



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