Quick, Beautiful Restorations with Same-Day Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many methods to restore a damaged tooth, but one of the most technologically advanced and expedient way of doing so is with CEREC technology. Through the use of detailed imaging and on-site fabrication equipment, our doctors at Solano Dental Group can create a brand new dental crown for patients in just one visit. Our Fairfield same-day crown restorations make dental care much more convenient.

What Makes CEREC Different?Same-day crowns in Fairfield

Traditional dental crowns are made by first taking tray-based impressions. This information is then sent to a dental lab, where technicians take several days to craft your crown out of varying materials, based on your needs. While this process produces customized prosthetics, complete turn-around time is two weeks from start to finish; issues with poor impressions or the skill of the lab technician all affect the outcome.

In contrast, CEREC provides patients with the following benefits:

Biocompatibility – Crowns can be made with a metal base at dental labs, but this metal substructure is unattractive, tends to age poorly, and can irritate soft tissue. CEREC crowns, on the other hand, are created from a solid block of completely tooth-colored porcelain or ceramic, which actually bonds to dental enamel and is gentle on your smile.

No Need for Temporaries – Because our doctors can use CEREC’s 3D scanning and milling technology to design and fabricate your crown on-the-spot, there’s no reason to get stuck with a temporary restoration while a dental lab creates your new crown.

Convenience – If you need a dental crown now, in the case of an emergency or for scheduling reasons, traditional restorations can be frustrating. CEREC significantly shortens your treatment time from several weeks to just one day.

CEREC is a great choice for dental emergencies, patients who have a hard time tolerating impression trays to due sensitive gag reflex, and those who prefer not to wait for their permanent prosthetics.

Ideal Candidates for CEREC Crowns

As with any treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to correcting dental issues. In suppling dental crowns, our doctors want to make sure that your new restoration will last and meet your needs. With this in mind, CEREC is ideal for patients with damage to side or front teeth, as these restorations are highly aesthetic.

However, all-porcelain or ceramic crowns may not be the best choice for back teeth where patients have a heavy bite or consistently grind their teeth. If you do experience bruxism (teeth grinding) and prefer a CEREC crown, Dr. Chen can provide you with mouth guard to alleviate strain on teeth and protect your new prosthetic.

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