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It’s not unusual for some to live with misaligned teeth because they’re anxious about getting metal braces, but the good news is that traditional braces are no longer the only effective option for straightening your smile. Invisalign® has become a popular way to correct orthodontic issues without the discomfort and high visibility of metal braces. Dr. Chen and the team at Solano Dental Group are pleased to offer their Fairfield patients the benefits of clear braces from Invisalign®.

Getting Started with Invisalign®

Before beginning your clear braces treatment, Dr. Chen takes pictures and impressions of your smile. With this information, Invisalign®’s laboratories create a series of clear aligner trays that discreetly reposition your teeth into more ideal alignment. Invisalign® is ideal for mild to moderate teeth crowding and spacing issues, but every case is unique. our team makes sure recommend the best course of action for your needs and treatment goals. Invisalign® helps many patients achieve their dream smile, without the drawbacks of metal braces.

Invisalign® vs. Braces

If you’re wondering whether Invisalign® is the best fit for your lifestyle, consider that Invisalign® is:

Invisalign in Fairfield• Nearly Invisible – Because your aligner trays are made from clear plastic and are specially designed to fit snugly onto your smile, they become difficult to detect on your teeth. Others many have no idea that you’re wearing the aligners at all.

• Comfortable – The brackets and wires used in metal braces often poke or scrape the inside of your cheeks, but Invisalign® is sleek and smooth; these clear braces don’t have any sharp edges that could create discomfort.

• Removable – Take your aligner trays out to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. You won’t have to worry about damaging your orthodontic appliance or trying to clean around small brackets.

• Cost-Effective – Invisalign® is, on average, comparable in cost to regular braces – you don’t have to break the bank to get modern care. As always, it's important to speak to your insurance company about coverage for treatment.

Solano Dental Group: Your Fairfield Invisalign® Experts

When it comes to getting Invisalign® – experience counts. Dr. Chen has been performing this service for years and can tell just by looking at your smile if Invisalign® will help you. For those patients who are in need of complex care, Dr. Chen can refer you to an orthodontic specialist who is close to your home, making your treatment effective and convenient.  Invisalign® treatment typically takes about 12 months – shorter than the average treatment time with braces. When your treatment is complete, our doctors will even give you a retainer, at no extra cost, so you can maintain your beautiful, straight smile, for life.

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Dr. Chen takes a personalized treatment approach; he sees patients one-on-one so that each patient gets the care they deserve. Call us today at our Fairfield dental practice to schedule your Invisalign® consultation with Dr. Chen.